3 Tips for Exercise Injury Prevention

An injured client means one less paying customer and it can also mean that client is less likely to return, especially if their injury happened under your watch.  As the old saying goes, prevention is better! As an Instructor you should be continually monitoring and educating your clients/students to ensure their risk of injury is minimal. Hopefully this also means they have less chance of injury when not under your expert care.

 Injury Prevention Teddy

Below we highlight three tips from three articles we thought were useful across Pilates, Dance and the Gym.

  1. Injury Prevention: Pilates from ideafit.com provided a great summary on injury prevention from a Pilates Perspective.  One of their key tips was to ensure that your students work at their own pace and only compete with themselves. We all know that a class can have many different ability levels so make sure you remind students to focus on themselves.
  2. Tips to Avoid Dance Injuries published by SheKnows Healh & Wellness contains simple common-sense advice. One of the key things they highlight is the need for students to take the time to warm up and cool down properly. As an Instructor this is something you should be reminding your students about or better yet helping them actually do. You could lead through some gentle exercises or stretching before and after class or ensure they have somewhere to warm up or cool down, and encourage them to do so.
  3. The Injury Prevention: Ultimate Checklist from LaurensFitness also provided a good list of ideas especially within the gym setting. One of them was that technique is key. Correct technique not only ensures students or clients are getting the most out of their workout it also helps prevent injuries. The key here is to work with your clients so they understand what correct technique is and if you spot a problem, fix it.

Are there any techniques you use to prevent injuries in your classes or studio?