3 Tips for Keeping Clients

Every business faces different challenges. In a Pilates or a Fitness type business one of the big ones is keeping clients.

Happy Instructor Image

So here are three tips we thought would be useful:

1. Client Feedback

Always seek feedback. But don’t fall into the trap of only listening to the positives. Although tough, negative feedback or lets call it constructive feedback is really useful. This doesn’t mean blindly reacting it means ‘listening’, ‘acknowledging’, and providing a considered response that may include an improvement to your studio, timetable, website or whatever. Importantly let the person or people know what action, if any, you’re going to take and why. Most people just like to know that you’ve listened.

2. Variety

All clients are different. Different ages, different fitness levels, different goals. Providing a variety of training methods and different class formats can really help you attract a variety of clients and most importantly keep them coming back.

Any marketing textbook will tell you that keeping an existing customer is easier than attracting a new one. In the fitness world that can mean ensuring existing customers (and your instructors) don’t get bored.

Remember, you’re the expert.  You should know the current trends, the latest methods, and be always seeking to find the best training methods for your clients.

3. Keep it Clean

This sounds simple… and well, we guess it is. Your studio, gym or workout area says a lot about you and will be a big factor in determining if clients walk in, or back in, the door. Ensure you have a process for wiping down all equipment, keeping mirrors clean, cleaning the floor often and generally ensuring that every client has a good and safe experience.   You should always be taking a step back and asking yourself, does it look good?  If there’s something you’re not proud of … work out a plan to fix it.  We know that sometimes this is expensive, but lets face it, if clients aren’t coming back you’ll end up with nothing to fix.

We hope these have you thinking. If you have any other great tips or ideas share them below.