3 Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back

Most business advisors will tell you that the easiest sale you will ever make is to an existing client. It’s the same in the fitness industry. Clients already coming to your Pilates, Barre, Yoga or similar classes are, by far, the most likely to come to your next class or your classes next week.

Barre Attack Themes Manual
Class themes are a great way to keep existing clients engaged.

That’s probably not a big surprise, at least we hope it’s not. What is surprising is the number of businesses that don’t make keeping these clients coming back a priority.

So to help, here are 3 tips to keep existing clients coming back.

Tip 1 – Get to Know Them

This will come naturally to many people in the fitness industry. Learn client names, listen to them talk about their lives, and see them progress in your classes. But sometimes this can take a long time, or they predominantly see one instructor or they may simply like keeping to themselves.  It’s important you make a real effort.  Who are your top 10 or top 50 clients? Make a list!

Tip 2 – Keep it Fresh

If your classes are always the same you run a big risk of clients getting bored. Bored clients may go looking elsewhere. We recently setup Barre Attack and we’re currently teaching instructors all around Australia. We knew right from the outset that it was really important that we provide instructors with a variety of class formats and the tools so they could easily create their own classes.

We did this by introducing themes and by creating very user-friendly manuals. Some of these themes were Butt Lift, Awesome Arms, Amazing Abs, and the Dancey Series.  Quite a mix. Once the instructor has mastered the foundation elements of Barre Attack they could easily run a class based on one of these, or numerous other, themes.  Resulting in classes remaining fun, challenging and fresh.  So take a moment and consider your own classes, do you keep them fresh?

Then we took this a step further and launched a series of online Barre instructor class formats available for purchase by certified Barre Attack Instructors. These have been an incredibly valuable addition for studios all around Australia (and the world!).

Tip 3 – Make them Feel Special

We started this post by highlighting that sales to your existing clients are generally the easiest. This makes them special!  They are also the most likely to bring along friends and generally talk about your business, this also makes them special.  So in simple terms you should make them feel special. How can you do this? If you are launching something new give them a free trial, invite them for a Christmas drink, wish them happy birthday or think of any number of ways.  The key is to make them realise that they are special 🙂

If you’ve got any other ideas about how to make a client feel special share them with a comment.  Thanks 🙂