Building your Business – Summer is Coming

Running a business that relates to Pilates, Yoga, Dance or Fitness is tough. The Winter months often see a fall in numbers and cashflow can become tight. As a business owner I’m sure many of you will have strategies in place to help you through or even to help you thrive. There is a bright side.

The purpose of this post though is to talk about the benefits of Spring and the approaching Summer.

 BodyMaestro preparing for Summer

As the days get warmer most people start thinking about Summer. Days in the water, hanging outside and wearing clothes that leave less to the imagination. That means they start looking for ways to help get their Summer body back.  That’s where you come in!

Here are some great ideas to help you capture the ‘Summer is Coming’ market and ‘Build your Business’.

The Challenge

I’m sure you’ve seen numerous. The basic premise is to design a program that runs for the month or months leading up to Summer.  Generally participants sign up for the entire period and attend a number of sessions each week. You can add competition elements, progress measures or any series of things to keep people motivated to reach their goals.  The secret here is promotion and ensuring you’ve got a good system in place to track everything. But be sensible… how many people need to sign up to make it worthwhile?

Be Direct

Everyone knows Summer is coming, most people will be thinking they need more exercise. So be direct. Put a sign up, rename one or more of your classes, send an email to your client list. Keep it simple.

Launch Something New

Nothing helps create buzz more than launching something new. It generally helps excite your staff, excite your existing and new clients. That excitement generates interest and because people are thinking a lot more about doing exercise they are much more likely to think about giving it a try. Combine this with some of the other ideas here and you could be onto a winner.

Team Up

You probably already know other businesses in your area. Consider a joint promotion or include some of their services in your challenge offer. Maybe there is a bikini shop or a tanning place or something similar that will add that extra bit of noise around your offer.  Be creative.

Understand Your Clients

Finally, ask your clients. Here’s an article from the Barre Attack Blog ( that provides some points for discussion.

Use the comments below to let us know any other ideas you might have or any successes (or failures) you’ve had in the past.