3 Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back

Most business advisors will tell you that the easiest sale you will ever make is to an existing client. It’s the same in the fitness industry. Clients already coming to your Pilates, Barre, Yoga or similar classes are, by far, the most likely to come to your next class or your classes next week.

Barre Attack Themes Manual
Class themes are a great way to keep existing clients engaged.

That’s probably not a big surprise, at least we hope it’s not. What is surprising is the number of businesses that don’t make keeping these clients coming back a priority.

So to help, here are 3 tips to keep existing clients coming back.

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Diet Tips you Can Provide to your Clients

As Instructors you need to encourage a healthy body as well as a healthy mindset.

 BodyMaestro Girl holding fruit and water - promoting healthy living

To encourage and promote fitness and healthy living among your clients, you can provide tips and suggestions about diet. It’s just part of an overall fitness campaign – a comprehensive way to lead your clients toward realizing and achieving their weight loss and/or nutrition goals.

This article gives you some brief ideas, we hope you enjoy.

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Building your Business – Summer is Coming

Running a business that relates to Pilates, Yoga, Dance or Fitness is tough. The Winter months often see a fall in numbers and cashflow can become tight. As a business owner I’m sure many of you will have strategies in place to help you through or even to help you thrive. There is a bright side.

The purpose of this post though is to talk about the benefits of Spring and the approaching Summer.

 BodyMaestro preparing for Summer

As the days get warmer most people start thinking about Summer. Days in the water, hanging outside and wearing clothes that leave less to the imagination. That means they start looking for ways to help get their Summer body back.  That’s where you come in!

Here are some great ideas to help you capture the ‘Summer is Coming’ market and ‘Build your Business’.

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3 Tips for Exercise Injury Prevention

An injured client means one less paying customer and it can also mean that client is less likely to return, especially if their injury happened under your watch.  As the old saying goes, prevention is better! As an Instructor you should be continually monitoring and educating your clients/students to ensure their risk of injury is minimal. Hopefully this also means they have less chance of injury when not under your expert care.

 Injury Prevention Teddy

Below we highlight three tips from three articles we thought were useful across Pilates, Dance and the Gym.

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