Diet Tips you Can Provide to your Clients

As Instructors you need to encourage a healthy body as well as a healthy mindset.

 BodyMaestro Girl holding fruit and water - promoting healthy living

To encourage and promote fitness and healthy living among your clients, you can provide tips and suggestions about diet. It’s just part of an overall fitness campaign – a comprehensive way to lead your clients toward realizing and achieving their weight loss and/or nutrition goals.

This article gives you some brief ideas, we hope you enjoy.

Teach your Clients the Art of Self-control

Diet is all about self-control, or not caving too much into temptation. However, self-control must be gradually learned and mastered. Therefore, it’s helpful to advise clients that when they go on any diet, not to make any drastic changes.

Gude them so they learn to wean themselves off of certain foods as they make the transition into healthy eating. That means following a nutritional diet during the week and perhaps eating a chocolate cupcake or lamington (one of our favourites) occasionally. Once clients become more accustomed to eating healthier foods, they’ll eventually stop depending on foods that are not so good for them.

Show your Clients How to Resist the Urge to Snack on Unhealthy Foods

Another incentive you can suggest to clients is to pin-up an image of how they want to look in the future. Tell them to affix the picture on a cabinet in the kitchen or on the refrigerator. You might also suggest that they put the bathroom scale in the kitchen too. That way, they won’t be so tempted to eat some of those not-so-healthy snacks that come in the form of junk or processed food.

Align yourself with a Nutritional Partner

Besides your normal barre, Pilates, yoga or fitness classes, you may want to partner with someone who gives classes in healthy cooking or who can provide expert nutritional advice.  For example at Balance Moves Pilates Studio we’re fortunate to have Elevate Vitality and the lovely nutritionist Cassie Mendoza-Jones.

These types of partnerships are a great way to encourage your clients to change their eating patterns and keep fit through exercise.

Show your Clients how to Chart their Nutritional Progress

You might also create a chart for your clients that shows them how many carbs and proteins they need to consume on a daily basis in relation to the portions that they eat. Including this type of visual data will help your clients make better food choices.

Encourage Clients to Drink Plenty of Water Too

Of course, it’s also important that clients drink at least 8 glasses of water every day – not only for cleansing the system but for rehydration purposes too. Water is a major element as it assists in weight loss and exercise. In short, encourage clients to drink plenty of H20 as it facilitates calorie burn and helps prevent exercise injuries.

Make Exercise more Worthwhile and Enjoyable

All the above diet tips will make exercise more enjoyable for your clients. If you’re clients are happy and meeting their goals they are very likely to keep coming back and to recommend you.

If you have any other good ideas or suggestions please share them below.