Four Tips to Attract New Clients to Your Pilates or Fitness Studio

Lets face it, no matter how good your business the challenge of getting new clients is always there.

 Helpful Tips for Pilates Studios

Based on our own experience and through discussion with a number of successful Instructors we’ve summarised four FUN tips that might just give you the edge you’re looking for.

Tip 1 – Mix It Up

Music, New Classes, Changes in Format.  Like anything in life if you keep offering the same thing eventually people are going to get bored. Try different music, maybe use a new name or add a fun twist like a specific dance move. You want something that people will remember, and something they’ll tell their friends about. Of course you can always add totally new classes like Barre Attack.

Tip 2 – Know Your Market

This sounds obvious but when your busy and focused on getting everything right sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious. Take an afternoon to have a walk around your area. What sports are people playing? What seems popular? and then ask yourself how can you participate or tailor your offering to suit those people. You might see a specific sport being played so you could learn more about it and tailor a class to people playing that sport.  Once you’ve got it, don’t be shy. Get out there and let people know!

Tip 3 – Make it Memorable

We mentioned this above but what we mean this time is the studio itself and even you and your other instructors. If there’s a specific holiday or something like that then decorate and celebrate and make sure you do things that people will remember. One example we were given was Easter. Some of the Instructors wore bunny ears and gave people small Easter eggs at the end of their sessions… but only when they’d worked extra hard.

Tip 4 – Themes, Goals and Challenges

Give people something to aim for or something to be a part of. That is, create a theme or challenge and set some dates. The one idea we’ve heard in a number of different formats is the ‘getting ready for Summer’ theme.  You could devise a 10 week program or something similar in the lead up to Summer. Track people’s progress, get them involved, and really show that you care.

Tip 5 – Have Fun

Ok, so we said 4 tips, but here’s a 5th. Have fun, and show people you’re having fun. Most people like hanging around people who are smiling and who help make them smile and also let them escape from whatever stresses they have in their life.

and finally… a sneaky Tip 6 – Always over deliver!

We hope these helped and we’d love to hear any more ideas. Please share with a comment!