Tips for a great Fitness Class

No matter what class you’re instructing some simple things can help ensure your clients have a great workout.

Fitness Class Tips

Check out these four simple yet effective tips, we hope they help!

Know the Clients

Take a second and think, who are your clients?  What type of classes will suit them and what time should those classes be held. If you know your clients and give them what they want they’re much more likely to keep coming back and perhaps even invite their friends.  So keep thinking and keep looking, perhaps there is another demographic you aren’t targeting. Busy professionals looking for an evening class, early morning fitness fanatics, stay at home parents, or even people preparing for a big fun-run or local sporting event.

Be Friendly

Sometimes the simple things make all the difference.  Make an effort to get to know your clients and always remember to introduce yourself. Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been anywhere where the people meeting you know your name and give you a smile it’s somewhere you’re likely to want to go back to, and it’s the same in the fitness world.  But remember; don’t get caught up in conversations if it impacts the class.

Be Mindful of Time

Most of your clients are busy and will have places to be and people to see.  You should always be mindful of the time and ensure you start and end the class at its scheduled times. This means your clients and potentially other people using your space will know what to expect. If for whatever reason there is a late start or you need to finish early clearly communicate any change so everyone has the correct expectation.

Keep the Flow

This sounds easy but is often one of the hardest things to achieve, especially when you’re introducing new exercises or have a large number of new clients.  If it is a new exercise start with a simple version and gradually increase its complexity. If there are a large number of new clients make sure your cues are clear and any demonstrations are visible. To really help with flow, and if it makes sense in terms of the class you’re teaching, ensure you’re cuing, or explanation of the next exercise, is done before the current exercise ends.

Finally make sure you mix things up, plan your class, get music that fits and ensure the environment you’re teaching in is the best it can be.

Obviously everyone is different and different people will have different little tricks they use to make their classes even better.  What’s yours?